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Schema for SEO

Schema code, or micro-formatting as it's sometimes referred, is a simple code implementation that gives search engines more insight in to the content of your web pages / content. Let us analyse your mark-up to ensure it's achieving the desired results.

Schema implementation

Schema aids your web-page performance, let us ensure it's implemented correctly and performing as it should.

Micro-formatting or Schema is an HTML extension that aids search engines in deciphering what your web pages content is about. And Google heavily endorses it's usage so ensure it's working as it should by allowing us to either implement or fix your current Schema code.

Let us your Implement Schema

We'll implement and test Schema code across your website's assets

What is Schema?

Schema, or, is a structured data vocabularly. It can be added to a web page and defines entities, relationships and actions whilst giving meanings to the search engines.

How Schema Works?

Schema adds context and user cues that indicate how the information on your page relates to their search. It can be added directly in to the HTML of a web page.

Why schema is important

Schema aids users in motivating a click through to your webpage by including descriptions and snippets relevant to their search. Increasing click through rates and overall traffic.

Still unsure about Schema implementation?

Contact us to discuss your Schmema implementation requirements.