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Keyword Research for SEO

Thoroughly researched sectors result in a labyrinth of relevant keywords that'll aid your online website. Let us create keyword matrix documents that will aid clarity and help define clear SEO goals for your website.

Keyword Research is key in keeping abreast of your competition

Let us create you a comprehensive keyword document with actionable implementation guidance. Our research is perfect for developing PPC campaigns and much more too.

Understanding fully the keyword search landscape your website sits within gives you an advantage over your competition. We will assess the strength of the relevant keywords to your business and create a realistic plan that ensures your website will become exposed to all of these terms.

Need a Keyword Research Doc?

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We research your industry to find out the most relevant keywords for your users. We then look at keyword volume and competition to assess the best keywords and topics to incorporate into your website.

Keyword Matrix

We will correlate all relevant keyword research into a single document as part of our initial onboarding activities. This will be a developing document to mirror the relevant search landscape.

Keyword Trends

We will research keyword search volumes for terms relevant to your industry, product or service. Trend data will be used to assess the direction the inital keyword strategy will take.

Keyword Insights

Let us build you a keyword matrix document with multiple uses.

Keyword Sitemap

We create a keyword mapping document that will dictate where each relevant keyword will appear on your site’s webpages. We'll fully advise to ensure cannibalisation is avoided.

GAP Analysis

A gap analysis will compare your keyword performance against that of your major competitors, we'll provide the solution to closing the GAPs.

Competitor Research

This research will assess the where's, why's and how's in relation to competitor performance for select keywords.

Keyword Research Specialists

Contact us for comprehensive keyword research documents that contain cpc and other metric data.