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SEO Campaign Planning

SEO campaigns that get results; our campaign plans are designed to keep you up to speed across all the relevant and important levels. We can tailor all our SEO campaign plans so you are kept abreast of what's happening and where we are at.

Campaign Planning

Get your SEO campaign up to speed with an executable plan

An SEO campaign plan gives you a tangible document which demonstrates activity completed, upcoming or ongoing. Essential for any SEO project.

The whole purpose of an SEO campaign is to ensure that your website’s ranking improve in the major search engines. By rankings we mean the most relevant keywords that apply for your business are given greater exposure to your target audience.

Our SEO campaigns are designed to employ the best SEO techniques and strategies that attain the best outcome. SEO campaigns we have been involved with are usually to promote an event or to introduce a new product to your existing range. They are also essential to a new website launch, or for when we take over an existing websites SEO needs.

The Plan

The campaign plan itself details a lot of the other elements covered within this section of our website.

Any SEO campaign will always consider keyword research. And then competitor research, these documents detail how your competitors have achieved that number 1 spot for the term you are also going after.

So to begin any SEO campaign we initially:

  • Perform keyword research
  • Complete a competitor analysis

Moving on from this we then perform audits. These thoroughly review all aspects of your current website; considering existing structure, crawl rates and all other technical, on-page and off-page considerations.

Once auditing is completed we’ll ensure your website is designed for Mobile-First Indexing. We’d look at your social media pages; these can greatly enhance any SEO effort whilst Mobile-First is now an essential requirement.

Once all technical enhancements are implements and updated within the SEO campaign plan we move on to progress your website using ongoing SEO techniques. Again, all these elements are detailed within our SEO campaign plan.

We will run your content needs, continually monitor your search landscape to ensure we capture relevant terms. We can also train or advise your content teams in the usage of best practise in terms of title tags and the use of imagery and video within your content areas.

Google Updates

Keeping abreast of the latest SEO trends and updates is something we do daily here at MR Digital, so you can be assured that you’ll not fall within any areas that may result in any form of penalty. We operate well within recommended guidelines and keep fully up to speed using our own search network and reporting tools.


Further detail regarding our reports can be found in the Analytics & Reporting section. Obviously, as our SEO campaigns are being performed we will report back at a scheduled time of your choice. We don’t just send it over, we can run through all our reports with you too either via a monthly meeting or weekly call. These choices are given to you during the on boarding process however we are dynamic from the word go, so any changes you want make can always be arranged during the course of the campaign.

Need an SEO Campaign Plan?

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Campaign Strategy

Based on our keyword research and findings, we will put together a comprehensive SEO campaign aimed at increasing site traffic and conversion through organic search.

Analysis and Tracking

We create a campaign tracker document to track content and link distribution and corresponding performance.

Campaign Optimisation

Based on our performance assessment, we will optimise the campaign to ensure increased traffic and conversion.

Campaign Plan Specialists

Contact us for comprehensive campaign planning documents.