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Auditing for SEO

Comprehensive auditing services, from technical to CRO and everything in between. Our audits are actionable and can be fully tailored to suit your requirements.

Technical Audits

  • XML Sitemap
  • Robot Txt File
  • Page Speed
  • URL Structure
  • Server Response

Our comprehensive technical audits leave no stone unturned as we dig deep into the technical elements of your website.

Technical issues grind at a website's performance and left unchecked will become the source of future degradation issues.

Let us explore your website as our technical audits report back on any technical issues or areas of hindrance.

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On-Page Audits

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Data
  • HTML Tags
  • Content Placement
  • Blog Exposure

A thorough content audit will aid website page performance in the search engine results.

Our comprehensive audits explore all on-page elements; from primary HTML tags that are populated with content to each piece of meta data, and of course content tone and all other aspects that make up a page of your website.

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Off-Page Audits

  • Disavow Files
  • Back-Link Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Penalty Assessment
  • Outreach Analysis

Your back-link profile is a strong indicator for your websites performance and should be explored regularly.

Off-page audits we perform fully explore your current back-link profile, and we will also look at your competitors to aid outreach formulation strategy to ensure you continually climb positively in the search engine result pages.

CRO Auditing

  • Event Tracking
  • Traffic Flows
  • Exit Rate Analysis
  • Colour Scheme
  • Bounce Rate

Your customer should not have issues exploring your websites, let us discover any weak points.

The CRO audits we compile are actionable and explore all of the customer journeys leading toward your main websites objective.

Need an Audit?

Talk to us about website audits, we love a good site audit!


Our technical audits seek to find key issues that are impacting search rank. Examples include broken links, site load time, and keyword cannibalization.


We will look at user flow, internal link building, and overall accessibility to enhance your website and improve keyword search rankings.


The content audit is a crucial element of optimisation. We look to enhance your content features to better align to relevant keywords with significant search volume.

Audit Services

We understand audits can be comprehensive. We can complete both comprehensive or elements of an SEO audit.


We use best in class search tools to access search analytics that will give insight into how you compare to your peers in terms of keyword rankings and performance.


We will analyze how search is contributing to your overall conversion rates and make recommendations on how best to optimise.


Based on a comprehensive audit, we will provide recommendations on how to best enhance your website to improve overall search rankings.

MR Digital Auditing Services

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