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MR Digital offers leading SEO services by the market’s leading SEO professionals.

Transparent and effective approach to all elements of SEO. We provide full service SEO campaigns or elements of SEO to aid your current campaign. Get in touch for a FREE SEO Audit today, or complete the form below!

Our SEO Focus delves in to four succinct SEO pillars that we adhere to when performing a full SEO campaign.


Speed – is the website fast enough? Mobile First – implemented error free? Security – if you are taking payments are you running your website on a HTTPs server?


Crawlability, HTML & Schema Mark-Up, Migration. Recommendations and Actionable audit across full site infrastructure.


Architecture, Links, Content, Entities. Full internal architecture analysis with any cannibalisation or related issues flagged.


Trust/Engagement Factors, Sector Authority, User Experience. Becoming a trusted authority within your sector whilst providing the perfect UX.

SEO Elements

A full SEO campaign would encompass all the below elements and more. SEO professionals understand the requirement of additional resource, so we've provided a run down of SEO elements we can pick up that will aid your campaign.

SEO Auditing

We provide comprehensive SEO auditing services, from technical, on-page to CRO and everything inbetween. Our audits are fully actionable and can be fully tailored to suit your requirements, if required.

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Keyword Research

Thoroughly researched sectors result in a labyrinth of relevant keywords that'll aid your online website. Let us create keyword matrix documents that will aid clarity and help define clear SEO goals for your website.

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SEO Campaigns

SEO campaigns that get results; our campaign plans keep you up to speed across all the relevant and important levels. We tailor our SEO campaign plans so you are completely abreast of what's happening.

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Optimised Content

Our professional content team will develop fully optimised content that'll not only entice your target audience but benefit your wesbite's performance. Speak to us today for all your content requirements, we've years of experience in various sectors.

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Google Analytics to the untrained eye may look like a labyrinth of data but without any guidance as to how to use it may mean you are losing out on potential business. Speak to us, we'll provide insight and knowledge which serves to answer your businesses questions.

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Schema code, or micro-formatting as it's sometimes referred, is a simple code implementation that gives search engines more insight in to the content of your web pages content. Let us analyse your mark-up to ensure it's achieving the desired results.

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SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy is key to a successful SEO campaign. We develop effective, tangible and executable SEO strategies that get results. We can develop and run your entire SEO strategy.

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Site Migration

A website migration may become necessary for several reasons. Let us ease the burden and manage your website migration process. We'll work with you until your site is migrated successfully.

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Carefully crafted outreach campaigns that result in effective back link acquisition that harness fantastic ranking results. Ethical and well within recommended guidelines.

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SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as it’s often referred to, is concerned with organic positions in search engine result pages (serps). Optimising a website so it ranks well in the serps for a high number of relevant keywords will generate more visitors to your website and so generate more business, or aid the specific business objective for having a website.

A website that ranks highly in search engines for relevant keywords will be deemed a success for any business.

How successful it is depends on the objective of the website; E-Commerce websites selling thousands of various lines will achieve more sales the higher it ranks for numerous, relevant and highly searched keywords. A website

designed for lead generation, or a site that promotes its companies services or a site that offers online quotes, will only perform to its optimum if it ranks well.

SEO runs through our veins here at MR Digital. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow their online presence by applying ethical, transparent and purposeful SEO techniques that get results. We are more than happy to spend time with our clients and educate them in our methods and as to reasons why we adhere to certain protocol. We find this is a great way to future proof your business too and enable you to know when you may be being fed bad information from other SEO parties.

SEO Analysis

Who is your target audience, what are your key offerings and desired key phrases?

These initial questions open up a good initial conversation and provide us with valuable insight we can all share and gives excellent guidance for the project.

Once the objective of the SEO strategy is agreed we move on to the second stage -

Why is your website operating at its current level and what can be done to enhance it further? An SEO technical analysis will provide vital information and highlight areas that can be enhanced or fixed immediately.

If you are rebuilding your website we can work with your development team and ensure your website is optimised for its objective from the ground up and leave room for future growth.

  • Keyword Research: We will create a keyword matrix document that will contain all relevant and highly searched terms relevant to your business. All keywords selected will be based on our initial discussions and all related terms will be included in the document.
  • We discuss the keyword matrix findings with you and can harness and implement new ideas the findings show. The document contains important information relating to keywords such as competitiveness, volumes and keyword relevancy to your sites objective.
  • Editorial Analysis: The content on your website and how it is organised is vital when it comes to how it is interpreted by search engines. Our analysis assesses content across your site and identifies areas that can be enhanced or areas that are lacking.
  • We will present our findings with recommendations to improve content or web-pages where necessary. Content plays a vital role in today’s SEO environment and there is a lot more to it than just the words used. Site architecture and content hub areas all need to be assessed to ensure search engines understand the objective of your website clearly.
  • Editorial findings can lead to the restructuring of certain areas of a website, and semantic enhancement as well as the restructuring of particular pages.
  • Keyword Groups: The analysis that takes us to this stage will enable us to identify particular areas of the website that will best perform for a group of identified keywords.
  • We will identify and highlight these areas and focus relevant terms via outreach strategies.

This is where the ‘third stage’ begins, an outreach strategy will be formed based on what is working well for your competitors along with researched back-linking opportunities.

We will evaluate your current back link profile and analyse where your citation currently sits out on the web.

This document will look at all available outreach channels available to your business and take into consideration social media and PR related opportunities.

Our outreach plans look at all link baiting opportunities from video, info graphics and valuable authoritative content. We will provide recommendations for how to best use linkable assets to enhance your website’s search engine performance.

SEO Reporting: You will need to be able to evaluate the work we are doing in a language you understand. We will work with you to establish KPIs and set-up Google Analytics to focus on your specific areas of performance. Reporting can be weekly or monthly depending on your requirements. All reports we provide are bespoke and tailored to your requirements and business needs.

The fourth stage of our SEO process comprises the fundamental ongoing aspects relevant to the success of any SEO campaign. The following elements will take shape once all the above initial ground work is agreed and findings fixed.

  • Blog Management: Fresh content being added to your website is essential to keep you above your competitors. Targeting new or enhancing current keyword targets with blogs is essential and will benefit the overall authority of your website.
  • Blogs create new doorways for customers to enter your website. We will create a blog schedule based on your market and objectives. We use blogs to promote assets, push informative info graphics and authoritative content.
  • We can provide you with a 6 month theme plan or an ongoing monthly plan, this does depend on your target market. We will check in with you regarding news and ideas we have and then create optimised blog posts that grab and cultivate your audience.
  • Optimised Copy: We will assess every page on your website with a view to adding to the page’s authority by optimising existing copy.
    If your website offers products we will look to add more pages around the existing product or services pages to create more opportunities for strengthening associations in search engines.
    As well as the copy itself we will analyse code structure and latency factors across all pages and enhance these aspects further where possible.
  • Future Proofing: All our outreach activity is performed using PR techniques and no back links are acquired that fall into the ‘unnatural’ link building category. This is one of our major USPs and has had led to some great results for our clients.
    We assess your back link profile in initial stages of the SEO campaign. We will create a disavow file if we feel it necessary and perform back link cleaning tasks.
  • Social Promotion: We know the importance of social signals in any SEO campaign are becoming more and more important. We will work with your social media team or agency to enhance areas and copy we create across the website.
    If this is not a viable option we will run basic social media activity on a monthly basis at no extra cost to ensure social signals are complementing SEO activity.
  • Press Releases: Most of our clients will have at least one press release created and distributed once a month. Consistent press release usage aids brand exposure and can lead to link acquisition and promotion of either blog pages or other pages contained on your website.

All of the above SEO aspects are essential for the success of any SEO campaign. If you are currently with an agency and feel you are not getting any of the above elements or not getting the progress results you were promised call us for impartial advice.

The above stages do cover the major elements but SEO is a changing landscape and we often perform different SEO tasks and new techniques and approaches as they surface. As a company we are constantly evolving within SEO and we continually perform internal testing to ensure we are giving the best services and techniques to our SEO clients.

Other activities look at schema mark-up implementation and the affects, indirect citation impacts and local listing consistency.

We have helped companies grow using our SEO techniques and we can do the same for you. Contact us today regarding SEO services and get your website on the right track, we will tailor a package to suit you.

SEO Approach

Our approach means you are kept up to speed with the SEO process, we provide you with a campaign and project plan so you know where we are up to with the SEO project.

We provide bespoke reporting methods that match your needs and requirements. Total flexibility on our part to ensure you are 100% happy with our appraoach & methods whilst we are working on your website.