Digital Marketing Experts

PPC Services

Google offers paid search advertising along with other major UK search engines too. Let us advise you on all aspects of PPC and grow your profits.

PPC Campaigns can yield great results when set-up correctly. Let us research, set-up and manage your PPC, or if you require an audit get in touch.

PPC Strategy

Thorough research within your keyword search landscape will reveal to us what keywords are best suited to meeting your business objectives. We will them mirror a PPC campaign to your websites structure. The budget will dictate how large the campaign shall be, with precedence given to objectives.

MR Digital have successfully ran PPC campaigns in fierce sectors and continue to do so. We offer tailored reporting services at a time scheduled by yourselves.

PPC Essentials

PPC Strategy

We will implement initial research that will designate which relevant keywords to invest in based on user search volume and keyword competition.

Landing Pages

We'll create bespoke landing pages that are relevant to your target audience.

Paid Ad Copy

We will write all paid ads to correlate with the user search and to motivate click through.

Shopping Ads

For eCommerce sites, we will consider the use of shopping ads that will feature your product and direct link to buy within search results.

Inbox Ads

Inbox ads allow for user targeting and remarketing and is delivered directly to the top of the user”s inbox allowing for immediate accessibility.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads will target users who have already expressed an interest in your brand or product type. These ads target users in the decision phase and will help to motivate final conversion.

PPC Ad Campaigns

Trust us to run a successful PPC campaign that yields results.