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Native Advertising Services

Connect with your audience on platforms they are already using with relevant content. Native advertising effectively reaches and engages your audience while helping to combat banner fatigue and ad blocking.

We will plan and execute a native advertising campaign and report back with your set KPIs at a scheduled time set by you. Connect with your audience in their chosen environment using native advertising.

Native Ad Essentials

Social In-Feed

This content is promoted and targeted to the appropriate end user but will appear as in feed content within the user’s social channel.

Content Recommendations

This is paid content that will integrate with a website’s recommendation feed. This typically appears as “your also might like” recommendation within many high traffic platforms.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content will appear on a site platform alongside editorial content and will appear as an article, video, or infographic. Many publishers will offer writing and design to better integrate with their content.

Custom Content

Many publishers and platforms will offer custom native content units that best integrate with your brand’s offerings. For example, Buzzfeed may offer a sponsored interactive quiz or Pandora may offer an sponsored playlist.

Native Ad Campaigns

Exposure to your target audience with relevant content will yield positive results when done with MR Digital.