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Content Strategy

For our overall content strategy, we will focus on understanding both your business needs and your user needs and then figuring out how to satisfy both.

We will analyse competitor content, industry content and trends, keyword trends, and existing analytics and research to create an overall content strategy to suit your needs.

Our Step Approach to Content Strategy

Competitor Research

We will look to your immediate local competitors to understand the kind of content they are offering. We will also look at the global landscape within your larger industry to get an understanding of best in class offerings.

Industry Research

Given your user will be looking to editorial and online reviews, we would need to understand what is being offered on this wider online platform. This will give us an indication of the kind of content that your potential user is already engaging with

Keyword Trends

Another way of gaining an understanding of what your user is interested in, would be taking a look at leading keywords within your industry that have high search volume. This will give us a good indication of what we should be writing about.

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Analytics Review

A thorough review of your current site and social platforms will provide insights into what is working and what is not. We will look at your highest performing posts and pages and expand on those topics. For the content that is receiving low traffic and engagement, we will optimise to improve performance.

User Research

A great way to figure out what the user wants is by asking them. We can write create on site surveys or email surveys that will capture user needs. Based on results, we will analyse and make recommendations on how best to enhance content.

Strategic recommendation

Based on key inputs from each of the above, we will create a content strategy recommendation outlining what is needed to optimise your online presence through content.

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