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Content Planning

Based on overall strategy, content planning will focus on designating key content pillars, digital channel prioritisation, ensuring an array of content formats (infographics / video, blogs, social posts), and establishing cadence of core content types (hero, hub, hygiene).

Planning & Execution

Research performed within the keyword search landscape will feed directly in to the content planning document. This will be presented and signed-off before being placed to run. Executing content pushes to particular third party and trusted websites, will aid content performance.

Adhering to our content plans aid performance and we can also execute the plan for you.

The Content Plan

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Content Pillars

Based on the overall needs of your business and user needs, we will designate 3-5 content pillars which all content will fall into. Pillars will be designed around the larger marketing funnels from awareness. to engagement, to purchase decision, to ongoing loyalty.

Channel Prioritisation

Based on where we know your user is spending time in the online space, we will designate online channels where your brand will focus. For B2B, a channel like LinkedIn might be preferred. For product driven offerings, we might want to align with YouTube and prioritise how to videos. Either way, channel prioritisation will be key to content engagement.

Cadence Modelling

Frequency of content is crucial for ensuring engagement while not overwhelming your user base. To do this we will use a selection of short and long form content sent through appropriate channels. We will offer a full content plan designating content type, format, channel, pillar, and launch timing.

Planning Elements

We can scale an entire content plan or work within elements of your own.


Hero content is long form content that will focus on a key component of your overall marketing strategy. This content may live on your homepage and integrated as a key piece of content into your blog. You may also consider integrated into key industry platforms as native content. This content will be dictated by business need and will likely only need to be implemented 3-5 times a year.


Hub content should be medium length content resembling that of what you would include in blog or news feed. Based on business need and scope, we would recommend 4-8 pieces of hub content per month. This content will include short videos, infographics, and blog content and should live across various site and social channels.


Hygiene content is short form content such as gifs, tweets, imagery, and short form social posts. Hygiene content should be posted regularly and marketers should consider creating a bank of hygiene content to upload across social channels consistently.

Still Planning Needs?

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