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Influencer Marketing

Influencer engagement will be key to your overall exposure. Ensuring engagement and alignment with your most influential audience members will help drive qualified traffic. Influencer support will also help to improve overall brand trust, interest, and likeability.

Managing Influencers

Our experienced team have managed a host of influencers in competitive sectors such as fashion and finance. We keep a close relationship with our established network of influencers. When suitable, we will match up influencers to your website if your site offers relevant content, products or services.

Our process with influencers involves the creation of influencer scouting docuents along with tailored reports. These will be shared with yourselves at a scheduled time.

Reach Out To Influencers

Let us manage your influencers and acquire relevant traffic

Influencer Reviews

One way to ensure influencer engagement is to send on your product or service to key influencers for review. The influencer will have the opportunity to review your product on their site or social property. While this is a great way to drive traffic and increase awareness, you will need to have confidence in your offerings or will risk a negative review.

Guest Blogs

Another way to ensure influencer engagement is to invite your influencer to do a guest blog. This will often be a paid engagement, but will incur less risk than a blind review. It is also essential to cross link to drive traffic and benefit SEO.

Social Engagement

We will also be proactively responding to and participating in conversations with influencers and industry experts. This wll help drive awareness among industry leaders and followers alike. The end result will be an increase in overall awareness and traffic to your social properties.

Influencer Engagement

For all your influencer requirements, from engagement to campaigns, contact MR Digital today.