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A look at our Free SEO audit

We’ve come across chatter whereby SEO’s appear to frown upon a free website audit offering. Though this is understandable given the quality of output from some online auditing tools available on the web.

So what sets us apart?

Well, we investigate all major elements that influence your websites performance, and we don’t just pop your URL into a tool and tailor the output, we manually check each element and give it a rating along with remedial advice.

Our initial audit check list comprises of technical SEO checks:

SEO Audit part 1

All comments and actions are entered manually by a member of our SEO team. We cover all technical aspects and analyse structure, navigation and much more, and provide remedial advice for each element.

The below shot is a continuation of the above, where we check off all the technical SEO elements of a website and provide remdial and rating information.

SEO Audit part 2

Finally, we round off with an on-page SEO audit where we explore and assess all the major on-page ranking factors.

SEO Audit part 3

As you can see, our FREE audits are useful and actionable documents.

Why do we offer these?

Obviously, the ultimate goal is to get your business. We’ll not lie, I mean I love SEO but I don’t want to spend all my time just auditing.

The Free audit is a way of us connecting with you. Admittedly, you may just want to see how you are performing with no intent of using our services. That’s fine, you are free to do what you want with our audits but we often find that we aid further down the line. Whether it be advice around a site migration or some keyword research, we are able to offer these fundamental elements to any SEO campaign.

If you wish to skip the audits and rather have us get on with optimising your website then contact us today, we'd be more than happy to help your business grow online.

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