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Top 10 Viral Videos of the Week to Lift Your Spirits

Need a break from the constant stream of bad news? You are not the only one. There have been some great videos created over the past week that will give you a quick dose of happiness, positivity, and even hope. So, turn off the bad news, hold off on that work email, and stop plotting to kill your housemate and watch the below.

Les Mis “LOCK Down” | ORIGINAL | VIRAL full version of the Les Mis CV19 parody

Family does a Coronavirus quarantine version of the Les Mis classic “One Day More” Perfectly captures the misery and comedy of families stuck together in isolation.

Steve Carell and John Krasinski Interview On Some Good News

John Krasinski creates a faux news channel wholly dedicated to good news. The video also features Steve Carell as the pair celebrate the 15th anniversary of The Office (American version). True to his word, the video delivers heart-warming stories from around the world highlighting the connections happening during this pandemic rather than tragedy and isolation. Its also nice to see the virtual reunion of the two former castmates as they share the funniest moments of the Office. Nice one Jim!

A VERY Important Message from @RealMattLucas

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While I am getting quite sick of all the service announcements about washing hands, staying 2 meters apart, only leaving the house for essential reasons, it somehow is much better when coming from a baked potato

Charo’s Birthday Surprise on Good News Network

Check it out on Insta by clicking hrere

In Spain, friends and neighbors sing happy birthday to an 80 year old woman in Spain at a socially responsible distance. They also left a cake and candle at her doorstep. Happy Birthday Charo!

Care Home Plays Real Life Version of Hungry Hippos

This is a short one and the title says it all, assured to make the grumpiest among us smile!

Penguins Exploring Empty Aquarium

Click here to check the out!

Edward and Annie explored the rotunda. They are a bonded pair of rockhopper penguins, which means they are together for nesting season. This video proves hands down that there is literally nothing cuter than a pair of confused penguins!

Quarantined Neighbours perform Titanic Across Balconies While Crowd Cheers

Watch the vid by clicking here

One positive side effect of the Coronavirus, the balcony duet!

Nature takes back Tourist-free Cities in Italy

Read more about by clicking here!

In Italy, many ports and rivers are ridding itself of the pollution from transit as non-essential transport is limited and tourism is nil. The Venice River is running clear and in Sardinia, the dolphins are reclaiming the port. Go Nature!

Oregon veteran lives to celebrate 104th birthday after surviving coronavirus

While your local news is continually streams the mounting death toll, it is also important to acknowledge the remarkable recoveries. A 104 year old man recovered from Coronavirus on his birthday and was welcomed out of hospital by friends and family with an impromptu birthday celebration at a distance. Happy Birthday to you too William!

Barbers during the quarantine

Barber is confronted by clones of himself demanding a haircut. Word of warning, this video clip does feature talking hair. A very funny yet strange concept that could have only been born out of way too much time spent alone. Go Quarantine creativity!

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