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The 7 best April Fools pranks in the age of Coronavirus

Happy April fools day all! While we are all hiding away in our respective homes for this April Fools Day, that is no reason to skip our annual day of pranking. In fact, it gives us all the more reason. Here are some good contactless and digital ways to turn all of your mates into April fools!

For the Superstitious Friend

Download this ghost app (Android / IOS) and bring their superstitious ghost fantasies to life. You can add your ghost image to existing photos or take a real time image of your pretend ghost.

For the housemate, partner, or sibling who is getting on your nerves today

Download embarrassing ringtones and add them to their phone when they are not looking. Since there will likely be no one around, arrange a call so that you can have the prank camera ready to share with all of their friends.

For your annoying neighbours

Change your wifi name to MI5 Coronavirus surveillance. Make you neighbours think they are being watched by the government to make sure they are staying indoors. While you won’t be able to witness the result of your prank, you can certainly have a good laugh by yourself. And, worst case, it will help in keeping your nosy neighbours indoors.

For the social media oversharer

Create a fake tweet using your social media oversharer’s handle. Use platforms such as PrankMeNot to create fake tweets or Facebook posts using someone else’s profile information. To be clear, the platform does not allow you to hack someone’s account, but does replicate realistic posts that look like they came from your prank victim that you can share on your own channels.

For the person who can’t stop talking about Coronavirus

Do you have a friend or family member who can talk about nothing else but Coronavirus and is driving you mental? Here is a great way to get your revenge. Use the message bomber tool to send a barrage of coronavirus memes which include a ton of images of Corona beer.

For your work colleague who is managing to annoy you remotely

Annoy them back through digitally downloaded prank calls. You can send the calls straight from the website and add a fake incoming number. You can create a call accusing your colleague of digital piracy or a noise complaint or fake a package delivery. While all in good fun, it can’t be traced back to you either way.

For the children in your household (or the terminally immature)

Enhance family TV time this evening by downloading your fart app (Android / IOS) and accuse friends and family of fart crimes. You can choose from a variety of farts including the standard fart, the gentle fart, the sustained fart, and the airy fart.

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